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Beware of Blog Submission Software

Google no longer condones automated comment posting on blogs that have enabled it.

A blog submission software may easily post comments on thousands of blogs in a short period of time but google detects this easily and will surely ban your site.

So, stay away from blog submission software.

You may read the official Google Blog on Preventing comment spam

Free Software To Submit Your Site to Directories

Software to help you submit your site´s visibility by appearing in different directories is available on the web. They are easy to get and install. They are easy to use. In only a couple of minutes you will be able to submit your URL to 100 or so directories.

They help you track which directories have approved your request and they will even allow you to make reports displaying the page rank of these directories so that you can prioritize your submission accordingly.

However, in my personal experience, I have not seen any positive results in my daily visits. I have not seen any changes in my page rank value either even though the link exchange is supposed to benefit you as well.

My advice is that you should concentrate on a more customized marketing campaign by posting comments on related blogs in order to catch new visitors. It will take longer, but the results will be evident.

Increase Your Site´s Visits Increasing Traffic

I have several blogs and in my humble opinion what has resulted best for me in increasing my site´s traffic are the following:

Adding content.

By adding content you increase your chances of appearing in Google´s search results when somebody performs a search.

Based on the blogs that I have, those that I post on regularly receive the most amount of free traffic sent by search engines. In some of them, google´s free traffic represent up to 75% of the traffic they receive daily.

Marketing through commenting on other people´s blog

Leaving interesting comments with a link to your site has also shown me that creates important source of visits to your site. You have to be choosy though. Do not leave comments randomly. If you choose your blogs carefully, not only will you be saving time but also you will be increasing the chances of getting a satisfactory response. The more related the site´s content to your site´s content, the higher the chances some of those visitors will come by your blog.

Commenting on Facebook´s related groups has surprised me in satisfactory ways.

Things that have not had a great impact (so far) in my site´s audience:

Stumble upon
Using free software to submit my sites to directories.

What is your experience on this?

Guaranteed Top Search Engine Ranking

Top Ranking Keywords in Google

One of the most searched concepts in SEO is the top ranking keywords. What are the most searched keywords in Google? What are the keywords that advertisers are willing to pay the highest price for?

One free tool that you can use to find these words is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

As you learn to use it, you will learn that it can also be a helpful brainstorming tool.

Go to: Keyword Tool External (top ranking keywords)

Select you language and country and the phrase that you would like to audit.

Where it says, Columns to display, select “View All”

Where it says, Match Type, select “exact”.

Take a look at the results. In my example, the highest pay per click phrase is:

“pay per click optimization”, paying $49,62. The other phrases that follow are:

[pay per click optimization] AR$49.62
[google search engine optimization] AR$49.23
[pay per click online positioning] AR$46.03
[high search engine rankings] AR$45.63
[search engine optimization cost] AR$44.53
[high search engine ranking optimization] AR$42.26
[high search engine ranking positioning] AR$41.86
[search engines] AR$4.44
[ranking schools] AR$4.41
[search engine placement companies] AR$39.92
[higher search engine placement] AR$39.49
[guaranteed top search engine ranking] AR$39.48
[search marketing] AR$39.25
[high search engine ranking] AR$38.84
[search engine marketing] AR$38.61
[search engine ranking services] AR$37.31
[search engine placement internet advertising] AR$36.72
[pay per click] AR$36.35
[website optimization] AR$34.68
[guaranteed search engine ranking] AR$34.63
[internet search engine placement] AR$34.21
[search engine optimization] AR$32.85
[pay per click promotion] AR$32.79
[improved search engine placement] AR$32.74
[best seo] AR$32.72
[search engine optimisation software] AR$31.69

Based on the results, you can organize the content of your post or site accordingly.
You can easily export the results to an excel sheet.

Try different words and phrases to see how it works and get familiar with this free online tool.

Any questions? Don´t hesitate to ask.

How Do You Know If Your Site Has Been Indexed?

If you are no using Google Webmaster Tools, you can easily find out if your site is already in Gooble´s Index by doing the following search in Google:

Instead of “” you should write your site´s domain. No spaces, no comas. Do not include “www” or “http”. Just write your site´s domain preceeded by “site:” and by google´s search result will find out if your site is listed or not.

Remember that it may usually take a few weeks to enter the Index. Be patient, My experience is that you can speed up the process by following the tips listed on “7 ways to add your url to Google Index in 24 to 48 hours.”
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